Side Show Gypsy Dazzles at Saratoga Civic Center

How would you describe the voice of Marcus Ruggiero? Start with the wind, a soft breeze which just captures your attention. Then feel your heartbeat, the deep, soulful sound reverberates with the rhythm of your heart. You can definitely hear a
Cat Stevens tone about his voice, however, depending upon the song, a hint of Darius Rucker can be heard as well. Alone, his voice would be enough, but add to it the wailing guitar of Joe Mele, Sonny Speed at the keyboards, James Cappello driving the bass, and Brian Melick on his eclectic mix of percussion and you have nothing short of perfection in the form of Side Show Gypsy. Playing the second show of a ten-concert series in the lead up to a new album release, Side Show Gypsy treated Saratoga fans to a night of music that was full of emotion and left the crowd clamoring for even more.

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