Brass Phantoms: From Dublin to Dub at Mondo.NYC

An electro-indie rock storm is brewing three thousand miles away. Dublin’s Brass Phantoms are electrifying and edgy. The five-piece band fuses punk rock attitude with a cinematic wall of sound that reverberates in its aftermath. Their refreshing approach on the indie scene has granted wide acclaim in Ireland and London, from Clash Magazine, The Metro and BBC Radio 6 to their music being featured on UEFA Championships League.

Brass Phantoms will play an exclusive date for their second appearance at MONDO Festival in New York City. The storm spreads to Niagara in NYC’s East Village on October 2 with The Chordaes, Jay Karnell, Nikmoody and Toronto’s Casper Skulls.

Brass Phantoms“The flight to New York will be eight hours of The War On Drugs,” said guitarist Greg Whelan. “To play as an Irish band in NYC is amazing. We just love doing this.”

In the last two years, Brass Phantoms released a handful of catchy singles that encompass a mass of indie influence, along with booming dance-disco beats. “City of Wolves” hits like an unexpected whirlwind. An isolated drum-groove intro against the monochromatic bassline is unassuming, until the band explodes into the hook. With each change, overtones fill the sky. Electric guitar motifs shimmer as you float across the dancefloor.

“A lot of guitar music automatically gets classified as The Strokes” said Whelan. “It is not offensive to be compared, but it makes it that much harder to stand out.” 

Determined to rise out of these pitfalls, Brass Phantoms released “Disciples” which delves deeper and darker into Brass Phantoms. “Disciples” opens a bigger array of sound for the band, reminiscent of The Killers, with arena rock choruses.

Their fusion of electronic beats and newly added synth has changed Brass Phantoms direction. With all the new music coming out of Dublin right now electronic music is faster, and keeps you relevant, explained Whelan. “It forces you to get out of the comfort zone. Bands like us, who are essentially rock, need to try new things”. Female synth player, Colleen Heavey, has been around for most of Brass Phantoms’ live gigs at home. “Her vocal harmonies are much better than the shit I can do. She keeps us in chek most of the time [laughs].”

Brass Phantoms are geared up to release a 4-track EP early in 2019 and will leak two of the songs in November of this year. “There’s a lot of traction right now,” added Whelan. The new EP will have a different production with more layered guitars. “There’s not a single formula to write a song. It gives things a different feel live and that is important.” Furthermore, Brass Phantoms have performed their last few gigs in Dublin acoustic, which may result in a second 2019 release.

“We are excited to see other bands, such as Casper Skulls,” said Whelan “Come down and stick around. Brass Phantoms will show you how real Irishmen drink.” The band is also excited to check out Yumi Zouma, who will be playing in Brooklyn later in the week.

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