Tweed Take over Philadelphia with ‘El Sucio Grande’ Music Video

Philly’s Funktronic outfit Tweed has released a wild new music video for their latest single “El Sucio Grande.” The disco-inspired tune highlights guitarist AJ DiBiase’s voice in groovy choruses, and combines with Tweed’s signature outer-space synthesizer licks and soaring guitar riffs. Add in gigantic drums, bass bombs, and a trappy ‘big-dirty-style’ breakdown, and you have a powerhouse track.

“El Sucio Grande” features modular synth from Lotus’ Jesse Miller and was produced at New Jersey’s Brooksound Studios with Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan. The video was filmed in Philadelphia and directed by Kevin Shields (of hip-hop duo Little Stranger) and portrays keyboardist Jon Tomczak and DiBiase planning a heist while Philly Vice Cops – drummer Joe Vela and bassist Dan McDonald, are on the chase. The story comes together when the band unites in their getaway van.

Catch Tweed on tour this fall:

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