Interview: Aqueous talks shows and their Disc Golf abilities at Disc Jam 2018

The four members of the ascending band Aqueous are sophisticated, both in personality and ability. Their seamless improvisational skills and erratic rhythmic structure have caught the attention of festivals all over the country, including Electronic Forest in Rothbury, MI, where they just resided for two weekends. Only to embellish on their creative musical interludes are their thematic lyrical concepts, complimented with catchy melodies to have audiences across the country singing along.

Aqueous’ recent Disc Jam set held a variety of surprises, including a brilliant mix of their 2011 hit “Warren in the Window” combined with Elton John’s classic “Bennie and the Jets”. They also brought Dopapod’s Rob Compa on stage to join them for the Aqueous throwback tune “Dave’s Song”, first released as the opening track on the band’s 2009 self-titled album. No matter what album the band decides to pull music from, their live shows always maintain a high level of enthusiasm from their audiences, and their Disc Jam performance was no exception. We caught up with them shortly after their set to talk about their festival experience and some upcoming show dates in New York.

As the band tours along the East Coast, they’ll be making a stop home to Buffalo July 27 and 28 as part of Cobblestone Live Music & Arts Festival. You can catch them in Sherman, NY for the Night Lights Music Festival August 23, and they’ll stop through Saranac Brewery in Utica on September 7. Tickets and info for these shows can be found on their website, and be sure to follow the band’s tour on their Facebook and Instagram.