Fangeist and NYS Music announce Live Stream Partnership

Looking for live streams of music across New York, the country and the world? NYS Music and Fangeist have you covered! Today, we are proud to announce a partnership with Fangeist, an online global live music platform that lets users hear a curated list of live streaming music daily, discover new music releases and local shows.


Fangeist was built upon the theorem that live music can reach far beyond the stage where it’s being played. While there is no substitute for being there in person, witnessing a real-time live streaming concert from an artist you love is an engaging, disruptive, unique and very powerful viewing and sonic experience. This is why NYS Music has partnered with them – their mission is to bring more live music into your life by connecting you to thousands of shows streaming live and in real time from around the world from your favorite artists.

Fans can build profiles based on concerts attended and communicate with like-minded people via news feeds. Sign up for the Fangeist Newsletter and get streams in your inbox daily

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