“Tour Without End (Twenty-One Portraits and a Protest)” Screening at The Kitchen

Laura Parnes’ multi-platform project/film on Trump–era commentary on contemporary culture and politics.

The Kitchen announced they will be hosting the New York Premier for the film, “Tour Without End (Twenty-One Portraits and a Protest)”, on June 11 at 8 p.m.. The film was created by Lauren Parnes and is a Trump–era commentary on contemporary culture and politics told through the casting of real-life musicians, artists and actors as bands on tour. At the screening there will also be live musicians accompanying, including BB TAY VEE, Macy Rodman and JD Samson’s New Band.

Photo courtesy of the Tour Without End website.

The film was shot between 2014-2018 and involves over 15 DIY music spaces created around New York City. The film tries to act as an urgent time capsule to show how rapidly gentrification is affecting the city. It managed this by shooting in real environments and situations. Most of the scenes were semi scripted for the core group of characters but a lot of it ended up being improvised. The press release revealed that, “Because many of these performers are legends themselves in the New York City downtown scene, they are archetypes playing archetypes. The work revels in the sometimes hilarious— but always complex —band dynamics the characters endure in touring, collaborating, and aging in a youth-driven music industry. As the players move in and out of fictionalized characters and real life, the film moves in and out of non-linear narrative and historical document.”

The Kitchen is one of New York City’s most forward-looking nonprofit spaces and is known for showing innovative work by emerging and established artists across all disciplines. Their programs range from dance, music, performance, and theater to video, film, and art, in addition to literary events, artists’ talks, and lecture series. The Kitchen was created in 1971 and has been a powerful force in shaping the cultural landscape of this country ever since.

Show Information:

Tour Without End
June 11 – The Kitchen -New York City
Tickets $15 General / $10 Members.

With any questions about the screening, please contact the box office at boxoffice@thekitchen.org or by phone at 212.255.5793 x11.

For more information on Tour Without End visit the website