Hearing Aide: Komrads ‘Resistor’

Komrads 'Resistor'Before I start this review let me disclose that I am not well versed in electronic music, my expertise lies within metal so I will be reviewing this album from that perspective and will be comparing elements of songs to other groups in an attempt to best review the album.

The first track “Resistor” is full of industrial glitchy instrumentals accompanied by drums in the back leading the beat. A little after halfway through vocals start chanting about the resistance. “Resistor” is definitely a great intro track while the second track “Midnight Sun” was an abrupt change from “Resistor”, with its slow paced and droning styled vocals and notes that echo.

“Prom Dress” was one of my favorite tracks with vocals that are reminiscent of Marilyn Manson and Element A440 and has a rock sorta sound to match. Any fans of Manson style vocals should take a look.

“Petra” felt like an experiment that was attempting the same thing as some doom metal projects with what sounds like a few bass strings and a deep bellowing whisper that is a departure from the rest of the tracks.

“Sick Boy” instantly reminded me of “Plur Police” by Knife Party. It’s full of those edm sounds that I have no clue what they’re called and had humorous lyrics like “why you bring him to this office can’t you see he’s too big” and “can you do one thing for me?”  This track should definitely be a top contender for a single if Komrad decides to release any singles.

“Lay Me Down”, “Pocket Full Of Knife” and “Midnight Sun” were completely out of my realm of music and I couldn’t find anything in them to personally latch onto.

Overall this has more of a rock and roll sound than a metal sound but that’s not a bad thing- I enjoyed multiple tracks. I don’t know who to recommend this to me but my electronic music tastes are limited to Knife Party and Master Boot Record so if you are into either of them you might enjoy this album.

Resistor was released online May 25. Head to their Bandcamp to purchase.

Key Tracks: Petra, Sick Boy, Prom Dress

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