NYC Brazilian/American Alt-Rock Band, Added Color Release New EP ‘Mr. Industry’

Brooklyn-based Brazilian/American rock band Added Color have released a their second EP Mr. Industry, featuring a unique blend of funk-infused alternative rock. The five-track release pulls on their Brazilian roots with pulsating energy and blend together a myriad of sounds, genres and inspiration into the album.

Based in Brooklyn, Dan (drums/vocals) and Kiko Freiberg (guitar/vocals), are brothers hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, and joined forces with Tim Haggerty and Danny Dahan, for a fusion of backgrounds to form the band’s unique chemistry. Embracing and celebrating their widespread connections, the band has toured across the U.S. and toured internationally in Canada, Morocco and Brazil.

Mr. Industry comes as a reflection and personification of the current state of the music and arts industry. “The character (Mr. Industry) represents the corporate mentality that has taken over the industry in a time where it is going through a crisis,” said Added Color. “Mr. Industry cares only about putting artists in a creative box and marketing them. Basically, if you sound like everyone else, it’s easier to associate you to other acts and sell you. The idea behind the EP connects with our overall message, which is about being yourself at all times no matter what. Mr. Industry is the force that we are fighting against as we live for honest and original music.”  Mr. Industry was recorded at state of the art Silver Cord Studios in Brooklyn, NY by Jamie Uertz (Blind Melon) and Grammy nominated Johann Meyer (Gojira/Roadrunner Records).

The video for “‘Same Place’ documents their 2017 Spring Tour of Morocco, during which they played seven shows in seven different cities. The video’s trippy feel matches the theme of the song, which is about a dream in a dystopia where people conform to social norms and obligations as they get older.

Added Color will return to Morocco later this month, for a week-long string of dates, followed by a series of U.S. tour dates kicking off in late May. Stay tuned for the animated music video for “Panic Attack” coming soon.

Added Color Morocco Tour Dates
April 28 – Layounne, Morocco, Layounne Concert Hall, 8 PM
May 1 – Safi, Morocco Safi Arts Center, 9 PM
May 2 – Youssoufia, Morocco, OCP Place, 9 PM
May 3 – Benguerir, Morocco, Benguerir Theater, 8 PM
May 4 – Casablanca, Morocco, Megarama, 8 PM
May 5 – Khouribga, Morocco, Mohammed VI Auditorium, 9 PM
May 6 – El Jadida, Morocco, Performing Arts Center, 9 PM

June 1 – Northampton, MA, Fitzwilly’s, 9 PM
June 15 – Portland, ME, House of Music, 9 PM
June 16 – New London, CT, 33 Golden St, 10 PM
July 12 – Manchester, NH, Shaskeen, 9 PM
July 13 – Florence, MA, 13th Floor, 10 PM
July 14 – New York, NY, Rockwood Music Hall, 11 PM
July 20 – Fayetteville, NC, Drunk Horse Pub, 10 PM
July 21 – Willmington, NC, Calico Room, 10 PM
July 27 – Beckley, WV, Melody’s, 9 PM
July 28 – Marietta, OH, Adelphia Theater, 9 PM
Aug 2 – Chicago, IL, Tonic Room (Fuckapalooza), 8 PM
Aug 4 – Pittsburgh, PA, Sound City Grille, 10 PM

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