Cape Francis Shares New Video ‘Iditarod’ Off Debut Album “Falling Into Pieces”

Performing at Rough Trade NY show on April 28

New York’s Cape Francis have just shared the video for their single “Iditarod,” filmed in Alaska with a depiction of stunning landscapes and the art of Alaskan dog racing. The single appears on Falling into Pieces, the debut album from the Brooklyn post-folk/post-rock band.

Iditarod (Official Video) by Cape Francis on VEVO.

Singer-songwriter Kevin Henthorn says of the video “I had been struggling with a music video idea for this song for a long time, until I stumbled across something in my instagram feed. An acquaintance of mine, friend of a friend, turns out is living in Alaska with her husband racing dogs together. I starting diving into her instragram and was blown away by her photography and their lifestyle. I figured, what the hell, maybe she shoots video, might as well reach out, she’ll prob say no, but who knows! Turns out she loved the idea of doing a video together. So she started mailing me USB drives from Alaska to Brooklyn. I’m a video editor by trade, so I just started editing what she gave me. The idea of the video is to be a day in the life of a dog sledder, told from her perspective. So it’s all based on what she gave me, and I feel like it gives a wonderful small glimpse into a life I only wish I could see for myself.”

Additionally, Cape Francis has announced a show on Saturday, April 28 at Rough Trade Records in NY with Michigander following a successful run at SXSW.

Cape Francis

Cape Francis is the solo project of Kevin Olken Henthorn, former singer/songwriter of Stone Cold Fox. After the break up of a band that worked heavily in traditional pop structures and production, Henthorn started the new project as a way to break form and reconnect to a natural flow of instrumentation and storytelling.

Cape Francis was meant as a way to return to that mentality, to re-approach a relationship with an instrument after years of feeling stuck in indie rock power-chords. The outcome is a new sound for Henthorn. It is centered around finger picked electric guitar, and surrounded by simple arrangements of percussion and synthesizers, Cape Francis pulls from folk and modern influences alike to bring the listener to a feel good place where familiarity and discovery are both at the forefront. His forthcoming debut LP Falling Into Pieces, due out on Sleep Well Records, examines the themes of closure, identify and moving past failure through these lenses. The band’s first single “Olly” took off once it hit streaming services last year gaining in excess of 1.5 millions streams on Spotify alone.

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