Hearing Aide: Baked Shrimp ‘Feast of Delight’

Baked Shrimp, one of Long Island’s best kept secrets, recently released their album Feast of Delight, showcasing the band’s various styles and genres, including multi-part compositions, radio-friendly pop songs and even a folk song in the single “Orpheus.”

Since forming in January 2017, Baked Shrimp has broken into the Long Island and NYC jam scene and, over the course of the past year, the high-energy rock trio have played unique shows across the Northeast and are looking to build on that success in 2018 with the release of Feast of Delight that puts front and center a distinct ’90s indie vibe.

“The Manatee,” a 10 minute gentle giant, gets heavy in the right spots, features elements of post-punk emerging throughout and gives off a Disco Biscuits feel with the continuous vibe built throughout. “Dick Turk” has wide ranging guitar play from Jared Cowen, a versatile stand out, especially on “Machiavellian” which contains guitar work that makes the song a distant cousin of Henry Mancini’s calliope in “Baby Elephant Walk,” building firmly and erupting for a fire-y ending.

“Orpheus” is the lightest fare on the album, but the acoustic sing along makes it a perfect single off the album and stands out just before the closing “Chimera,” which has a distinct Ominous Seapods feel, even if the bands are nearly 25 years apart, and a little dose of Talking Heads’ “Cities,” wrapping up an album that will be perfect for afternoon listening and dancing to late into the night this summer. Tune into Feast of Light below, on Bandcamp, and check out live shows from Baked Shrimp on Archive.org

Key Tracks: The Manatee, Machiavellian, Orpheus

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