Funk and Hip-Hop Invade Buta Pub

Red Beard Samurai vs. The Elementals

I met the lead singer of The Elementals about a year ago at the winter Battle of the Bands competition at Lovin’ Cup at RIT. I was there supporting my brother, before I even picked up a camera to shoot bands semi-professionally. While I wasn’t there for him, Dari Pryce of The Elementals put on a great show. Dari was in a different band at the time that is no longer together, but he has brought his talent and sound to The Elementals. Dari contacted me after my brother posted the pictures I took of his last show. Dari wanted me to come out and take pictures of his band and I accepted. buta pub

Dari introduced me not only to his new band, but also to Blake Pattengale; (a student at the Eastman School of Music) and the rest of his band; Red Beard Samurai. Blake and company were electric with a sound that was not only lively with fast spitting lyrics and great beats, but also with a funk sound coming from the trumpet and trombone. Red Beard Samurai has a unique sound and creative bars, but also sounds like some famous artists of whom you might have heard. When I listen to Red Beard, his lyrics remind me of rappers such as Little Dicky and some rappers of the ’90s. I also got a feeling that I was listening to the rapper Outasight who published a popular single called “Good Morning.”

Dari and The Elementals was energetic and the crowd was happy to the band. The vibe in the room was very lively as The Elementals rocked the house. Dari’s funky love songs were blasting through the speakers as the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. The amount of passion that was exhibited through Dari’s vocals was palpable. Watching those guys up close, you could tell how much fun they were having. Geraldo the trumpet player was laughing all throughout the set as he enjoyed playing with the band as a guest musician. Even though I knew Geraldo was not an original member of the group, he blended in perfectly with the rest of the guys. The lead guitarist  (Zach Cullinton) was rocking through the whole show, eyes closed most of the time as he vibed to the room and the music. The bassist (Zach Cullinton) and drummer (Christos Dembeyiotis) brought veteran talent to the group of young kids and rounded out the band very well. After the group was done, they gathered for a group shot around the pool table. I can’t wait to work with both The Elementals and Red Beard Samurai again. Red Beard will be playing again at Buta Pub on April 20, and The Elementals will be playing at Three Heads Brewery April 19 and at Funk ‘n Waffles on May 12.

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