Hearing Aide: The Creptter Children ‘Asleep With Your Devil’

The Creptter Children’s EP Asleep With Your Devil is without a doubt packed with tons of variety while keeping a common gothic sound throughout the EP but that’s either its greatest strength or greatest weakness.

The first two tracks “Watching You” and “Crazy” have a unique mix of industrial and symphonic metal that play in the background of the gothic vocals, which is rather unfortunate since the blending of industrial and symphonic is the highlight of the tracks.

“Asleep With Your Devil” opens with loud rapid drumming that are in your face but then the vocals are introduced and the song felt like it was confused as to what kind of attitude the song should have. There’s just too much variety in the vocals, at first there’s regular vocals but quickly move to clean then seconds later there’s choir like vocals. Light gutturals follow, which were in the song for what felt like the equivalent of a pointless celebrity cameo in a generic big budget movie, all the while there’s random injections of what sounds like some kind of ancient prayer or spell in an indistinguishable language. The song is at its best when the guitars are given focus while the drum machines fill in the back and there’s no vocals.

“It’s A Game” starts with the beating of a drum accompanied with quiet cheerful onomatopoeias of the drums that gives the feeling of marching and slides into gothic vocals full of eerie lyrics that compliment the constant beat of the drums while having clean symphonic vocals thrown into sections that give a nice variety.

“Killer” is the fastest paced song in the EP and the best track to head bang to the simpler lyrics that are chanted. This is a song that is probably best experienced live rather than through a recording due to how much energy the band clearly put into it.

Over all Asleep With Your Devil is an EP that feels like a cross between a variety pack and a set of experiments but either way fans of heavy music that has a melodic or symphonic twist won’t have trouble finding at least one song that they can enjoy.

Asleep With Your Devil was released January 12, 2018. Head on over to the official website to order now.

Key Tracks: It’s A Game, Killer


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