Hearing Aide: Cosby Gibson ‘Into Mid-Air’

Albany local Cosby Gibson has released her new album Into Mid-Air on November 17, 2017. Gibson’s previous album, Talking to Echos is an award winner for Best Folk Album in 2017 and was also accepted to the first ballot for Grammy consideration. Gibson performs in solo and duo acts, and leads a non-profit music performance troupe.

Cosby GibsonWith a positive reputation, Gibson’s music is an experience to be had. Into Mid-Air contains thirteen tracks, one of which holds the title of the album. “Whispers on the Water,” the third track on the album, starts with the happy, twinkling sound of guitar, only to then blend with Gibson’s voice. Her voice is soulful and holds a carefree quality to it, making her songs that much more down to Earth. All of her music is “low-fi,” meaning that the sound is more organic. In this case, that sound adds to the “self-made” feeling Gibson’s music gives off. “Into Mid-Air,” the title track of the album, is a shorter tune with a deeper sound quality, adding some contrast to the album. There is a recurring theme in her lyrics, showing off the fact that her musical inspiration oftentimes comes from nature itself. Gibson’s style could be considered “earthy” as a whole, making each of these musical elements blend together quite nicely.

Gibson herself seems to be a free spirit. It is notable in her songs, in her style, and in her live performance. If carefree, folky tunes are a sound you would enjoy exploring, Gibson might just be a listen for you.

Key Tracks: Whispers on the Water, Never Did Let Go, Into Mid-Air

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