Welcoming Home Moriah Formica: Gritty Vocalist Wows Local Fans

Don’t underestimate Moriah Formica. Yes, she’s only 17. Yes, she’s small in stature. And yes, she can rock and roll just like Joan Jett.

Formica’s concerts at Jupiter Hall on November 24 and 26th followed her successful time on The Voice and she was clearly welcomed home by local fans. Hailing from Latham, NY, Formica became nationally known for her powerhouse performances on the reality television show earlier this fall.  She returned to a sold out show Friday, November 24, and played to a well attended, eclectic audience on the 26th with her old band.

Formica’s microphone wasn’t on during the first part of her initial song, leaving her characteristically clear and strong voice out of the music for a few minutes. When the technology was fixed, though, her vocals grounded the group as they pushed through covers and even some original music, including “Save Me” and “Lovestruck”. It looked like all hard work and no play until the artist began chatting with the audience, sharing perspectives on love and her desire to not always be perceived as aggressive.

The acoustic set in the middle of the concert revealed a more vulnerable side. She sang “No Regrets,” a song about losing love, and “The Voice,” and also shared life experiences about being in love in 10th grade with “Here’s My Heart.” Her breath control was solid as she held clear and pitch-perfect notes, continuing through “Stone Cold” with pianist Dustin Deluke.

After the acoustic set, the band rejoined her for some grittier and heavier rock songs. Ending with a cover of “Barracuda,” Formica had heads nodding and bodies jumping.

Formica performed for 65 minutes with very few breaks for conversation. Rapid fire, intense and demonstrating undeniable clarity and pitch, Formica’s performance was a wonderful reminder not to underestimate her. Yes, she’s a local kid. Yes, The Voice didn’t maintain her on the show.  And yes, she’s got a lot further to go with her career as a female rocker who can powerfully move an audience with both vocals and guitar. But it’s unlikely she’ll stay home for long.

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