Hearing Aide: Vendetta ‘Press Play [and Live]’

Brooklyn-based alternative hip hop artist Vendetta has released his debut album Press Play [and Live]. After cutting his teeth in the music industry as the front man for Hollywood Drive-By, Vendetta is striking out on his own with this solo project.

Armed with a microphone, a laptop, and a deep-seated love for rhythm, Vendetta (aka Vijay Ramcharitar) weaves together stylistically divergent influences. Funky rhythms and rocking riffs pave a foundation for his raps. As the moniker Vendetta implies, his lyrical themes are rife with conflict. Urban survival vs. escapism. Violence vs. humanitarianism. Dive bars vs. block parties. 

Lead track “The Getaway (Vendetta Day)” is a groovy number about getting away from the stress of city life for a cruise along the East Coast. The song melds together an array of influences, from old-school hip hop artists like Tupac to alternative rock in the vein of Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Two Things” further explores the impact that music has to uplift spirits in the face of adversity. The chorus goes “Two things I remembered: the CD that I picked / And the feeling I got when I pressed play and lived.” The feel-good summer jam “BBQ Sauce” features the vocal styling of friend and fellow musician Rocksteady (Jason Hernandez). 

Press Play [and Live] was recorded at Westfall Recording Company, Farmingdale NY, with production and engineering by Nick “Karate” Gallick. 

Key Tracks: The Getaway (Vendetta Day), Two Things, BBQ Sauce. 

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