Exclusive Premiere: Tart Vandelay’s “Cloudy Doubts”

Rochester indie pop group Tart Vandelay has released the first single off their upcoming EP Flow, which is due out on Friday, December 1. “Cloudy Doubts,” like others on the EP, uses nature as a metaphor for personal trials and tribulations, overcoming challenges and adversity. The idea is to see how nature flows and functions and use that as a guide to narrate one’s own life. The EP was recorded at Wicked Squid studios and was produced by Josh Pettinger.

Yes, that band name is inspired by a classic Seinfeld, but this group is a sonic importer/exporters that began as a duo featuring musical couple Marty LoFaso and Katie Halligan. The two began dating in 2011 while studying music in their hometown of Rochester, NY. After moving to Boston, MA, the couple officially formed Tart Vandelay in the summer of 2014. The duo added a rhythm section recently, adding Stephen Petoniak on bass and Christopher Dubuc-Penney on drums in spring of 2016, and in 2017 Pete Zamniak replaced original bassist Stephen Petoniak. Stay up to date with Tart Vandelay on Facebook.

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