EQXposure Featured Tracks of the Week

EQXposure is a weekly show on 102.7 WEQX.  Airing Sundays from 7-9pm, it features two hours of local music from NY’s capital region, southern VT and the far reaches of the station’s signal. Listen online from anywhere at weqx.com

Candy Ambulance “Weekday”

Just about a week old this one is short, sweet, fun as hell… and a bit of a tease. A tease because this is the only new release from the band in 2017, and once it ends it leaves you wanting the rest of an album to come after it. It’ll come eventually, but right now the band has been spending a ton of time on stage and on the road this past year. If you’re living in the capital region and haven’t been to a Candy Ambulance show yet, change that quick. This track is perhaps their best yet, that coupled with their extensive touring makes it seem like 2018 is going to hold great things for the area’s sexiest band (they are, no real competition when it comes to that let’s be real).

Bruiser and Bicycle “Once More With Feeling”

Still in their teenage years, this will be a band to keep an ear out for. Back in May they released this track with one other, and there’s some serious Pavement vibes going on in here. The build up of energy and sound at the end feels like a completely different song than what we hear at the start. You start off bobbing your head along, smiling at the quirkiness, then the layers of guitars build with a sense of urgency and an explosion of feeling. Lucky us, they’re dropping a new EP on Halloween, and it’ll be interesting to hear in which way their sound has evolved in just a few short months.

Bathrobe Robots “Roll With the Punches”

Sometimes you have to listen real close to tell that a song is the cover. “Wait, those lyrics are familiar, but, nah, can’t be that,” that’s the case with this one. This brother/sister duo have figured out a lot in the past year or so. First, how to make songs together in the first place, then how to perform them as a four piece, then when things like college and life in general got in the way, breaking those songs back down to be performed as a duo. With this track, figuring out how to take a song from a band that has admittedly inspired them so much to create music, and make it their own. The song is by four-piece on the rise rock band Colony House, but this version is slick, moody, and pretty beautiful in a completely different way from the original.

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