Hearing Aide: Diluted ‘Never Fit In’

We all know there are bands that ladies just dig, and groups with  lyrics that can get the booty shaking while keeping it gritty enough for the guys to be able to pump their fists to as well are even better. You know there is a band that many of us can enjoy when we want a party type of sound. There is one band from Rochester, NY who can supply such great tunage. Who is this group that promises nothing but good grooves and chaos? Diluted of course my dear friends! With their EP, Never Fit In, you will find yourself dancing and shaking more than the time you tried to reenact the bar dancing scene from Coyote Ugly! Let us get this album review in full swing boys and girls!

dilutedThe first track off this album “Better Living Through Hennessy” goes from 0-60 in less than 2 seconds into the album. The guitar styles of Helmer and Coffey will take you by storm. Their funky yet hardcore approach for this track is nothing but full of life! You will have yourself singing along with the lyrics while moving those two left feet of yours. Let me tell ya, nothing beats a good old fashioned song you can find yourself singing to in the car.  This song is one of those jams I can see the whole venue singing along to with a couple drinks in hand!

If you like groups like Faith No More, who has a nice little mix of rap flow blended with some great punk related attitude, the track “Hipster Helmets & Harpsichords” will make those feet of yours go manic! I really enjoy this track from the get go!  Like seriously digging it with my whiskey right now! The vocal approach by Mulligan and Coffey reminds me of the glory days of my youth with such bands like Neurosonic and Skindred. Excellent destructive vocal execution  fused with modern hip-hop type of lyrical construction made this song stand  out the most to me personally.  The most fascinating part of this track is the communication between West (drums) and Kimak (bass), which really lays down the foundation for the energy of this sweet tune!  The beat is never lost and you can really swing your body to it all the way through! This will be the jam the ladies will be losing their minds to. Look out fellas, we have some bonafide lady killers on our hands!

Now this album has some great party songs on it, but it also contains great heavy tunes like “Sledge Hovercraft.” Much like the other tracks on the EP, it has a great flow with both the lyrics and musicianship. You can tell the boy’s formula is spot on with this gem! The screeching sound of the vocals on the track will make you bang your head! If you want some Red Hot Chili Peppers type funky style with your hardcore music, but want to be mad as hell at the same time, well this track is for you. This song is made for the guys hands down. If you get drunk enough and want to start a bar brawl, this will be your theme song for the ring.

Over all there are so many other great tracks on this album from Diluted. I wouldn’t think I would find myself enjoying a band like this, but I am hooked and I cannot stop blasting this. My fingers are starting to bleed from pressing the repeat button so many times! Go out and buy this sick product of jams! 4 stars out of 5 for sure! Go check out their page. You will not regret it, I promise you!

Key Tracks: Better living Through Hennessy, Sledge Hovercraft, Hipster Helmets & Harpsichords


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