Hearing Aide: Benn Rymon ‘A Long Time’

A Pennsylvanian both by nature and at heart, rapper Benn Rymon and his beats are now based out of Plattsburgh, where he continues to record and perform just as he’s been doing since the 90s. This time, his ideas were carefully crafted into his solo debut album, A Long Time.

Normally, he’d be found lending an instrumental helping hand to an array of friends and artists to help complete their passion projects. Never releasing one of his own, A Long Time,  dropped on July 7 as his very first release. It chronicles a lifetime of friendships found and foraged through the gift of music, which led to Rymon joining forces with fellow rappers in the Plattsburgh community, eventually becoming the founding member of the Plattsburgh Home Team. Each song tells its own story, whether that includes hard-knock times, unexpected adventures and at times, dangerous happenings. Prominently using an “in-your-face” style of rap, paired with his blunt character and unwavering confidence on stage, Rymon brings an eclectic gathering of genres, featured artists and a branded style of hip-hop all his own.

The odyssey of an album explores Rymon’s long-time background in the scene, how he’s been brought up by others and how he’s in turn, doing the same and inspiring those to find their own musical passage. Making a musical cocktail combining obvious elements of rap and hip hop with some dance tunes stirred in, Rymon introduces a number of artists and their respective flavors.

Unraveling the story, Rymon kicks things off on “Out of Control” with Ms Adventure before jumping into the fun, high tempo track “Sensational,” making a number of references to dancer/actor/singer Gregory Hines.  Word play follows with “Pass or Pull,” and “Hot Box Gondola” featuring Phen Yaqeen, which takes on a more rap-centered approach with traded verses and a simple beat layered behind it. “On the One” stands out as the hardest hitting rap track on the release with a spooky, perfectly fitting tune paralleling its equally eerie lyrics. “Town Center” shines with its tropical touch making it perfect for a summertime drive.

The second half of the album introduces record scratching on “W.I.S.” and sees help from a number of collaborators like Epick, Craig Holmes, Lucid Lowell, Trixx, Phonix Dark and Symfonyi. A Long Time gets put to bed with the hypnotizing “Sleepers” before closing out with “Dedications,” with blaring horns and appropriate fade out lyrics “thats all, people.”

A Long Time was produced, recorded, arranged, & mixed by Benn Rymon and Mastered by Adrian Carr for AC Mastering. Order the album here.

Key Tracks: Sensational, Town Center


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