Corey Taylor Responds to Chad Kroeger’s Comments

You knew it wouldn’t be long before Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor, would enlighten everyone with his thoughts about Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and his recent comments about him and Stone Sour. Kroeger’s comment about Taylor starting Stone Sour to get away from being under a mask is not accurate, as Taylor started Stone Sour just before getting involved with Slipknot.

Blabbermouth reports that in a recent interview with Sweden’s Metal Covenant, Kroeger blasted Taylor when he asked the interviewer to name another band that’s as diverse as they are[Nickelback]. Kroeger stated before being cut off: “I can’t think of another band that’s as diverse as we are. I can’t. And I don’t think that’s me talking from pride or ego. I mean, you’re sitting across the table. You know what you’re talking about. Can you name me another band who can play.”

After the interviewer cut off Kroeger, and spit out Stone Sour as his answer, Kroeger quickly responded: “Stone Sour? Yeah, ’cause they’re trying to be Nickelback. Corey Taylor has said some really nasty things about me before in the press. He talks about how easy it is to write a hit song. Well, show me. Show me. Write one. I have yet to hear one. They’re okay. But they’re not as good as Nickelback. They sound like ‘Nickelback Lite.'”

Kroeger continued to bash Taylor while talking about Taylor’s other band Slipknot. He said: “They had to put on masks and jump around. How good can your music be if you’ve gotta beat each other up on stage, throw up in your own masks every night…? I mean, music shouldn’t come with a gimmick; music should just be music. None of my favorite music comes with a gimmick. And he got tired of sitting behind a mask — he wanted people to know what he looks like — so he started Stone Sour.”

Arizona radio station KUPD, had the honor to be the first ones to ask Taylor about Kroeger’s recent comments. Taylor on saying it was easy to write a hit song: “You know what? I’ve never said it was easy to write a hit song, I don’t know what the hell planet he’s living on. Apparently it’s Planet Kroeger, and there must be good weed there, ’cause he’s an idiot.”

Taylor was set to give a verbal onslaught when hearing the comments, but after seeing fans reactions, Taylor stated: “I don’t have to say a damn thing — he is not a liked person. That’s all we have to say about it.”

Taylor’s response about Slipknot wearing masks, and jumping around: “You can run your mouth all you want. All I know is I’ve been voted ‘Sexiest Dude In Rock’ wearing a mask. You’ve been voted ‘Ugliest Dude In Rock’ twice without one. Stick that up your ass.”

He added that it seems Kroeger is the only member of Nickelback that has the problem with him. “I love Mike [Kroeger, Nickelback bassist and Chad’s brother], I love… Everybody else in that band I’m very, very cool with; I’ve hung out with them. It’s just ‘Face Like A Foot’ who I can’t really hang out with. He’s got a face like a foot. Am I wrong? See, that’s the hard thing: I can’t even say anything about the band, Nickelback, because none of ’em have an issue with us. It’s him. So, dude, curl up in bed with your Hello Kitty pillow and shut up.”

Taylor even brought up a past statement he from over 10 years ago about when both bands shared the same label: “Let’s just say Roadrunner took all the Slipknot money and gave it to Nickelback to sign them. That’s all I’m gonna say about it.”

In that interview in 2002 with Rock Sound, Taylor suggested that Roadrunner put their promotional machine behind Nickelback instead of supporting Slipknot:

I’m glad they could use our money to make fucking Nickelback happy. That’s a very, very bitter subject for me, and if I ever see any of those fuckers, it’s going to be brutal. I’m happy for them, but at the same [time], we went out and bust our asses to make what we did. If they’re still here in a couple years then, hey, good for them, but this band isn’t going anywhere, and when the record label basically fucks your loyalty in the ass, it’s really bitter — especially when we went out and fucking bled, sweat and earned every fucking album that we sold. MTV won’t fucking touch us, radio barely fucking touches us and here comes those fucking pretty boys… and the lead singer looks like Shaggy from ‘Scooby Doo’… and what the fuck am I supposed to do? Am I not supposed to feel bitter when I have broken bones and fucking torn corneas? It’s bullshit, and the record label just smiles at you and goes ‘Yeah, yeah whatever…’ It’s fucking not right, dude.

It’s just the fact we could have used the help. We have fucking fought for everything we have fucking made, when is someone going to help us, and when is someone going to step up and fight for us? The record label doesn’t do that for us. It’ll go to bat for fucking Nickelback, but when it comes to us, it’s fucking shutdown. It’s, like, what the fuck? I’m fucking proud of what we’ve done, but goddamn it, when are we going to get given a hand? I’m so fucking tired of it.”

During the interview with KUPD, the host joked that Stone Sour should open up for Nickelback during their Canadian tour, which made Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand reply that they were actually asked a couple of months ago to open for them on that tour, but they of course declined Nickelback’s offer. With that being said, maybe hard feelings are starting to set in.

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