Buffalo’s Herd Fest Features More Than 60 Bands

This weekend, BuffaBLOG presents the fourth annual Herd Festival. The fun starts Thursday, June 15 and runs through Sunday, June 18. More than five dozen local, regional, and national acts will be performing at some of Buffalo’s favorite venues: Mohawk Place, Nietzsche’s, Milkie’s Lounge, DBGB’s, and Dreamland. Cover charges for each venue range from $5-$7. All access passes are available for $20. 



Full Herd Fest Schedule: 

Mohawk Place | 7pm doors | $7 cover | 18+
8:15pm Hundred Plus Club
9pm dreambeaches
9:45pm Sammus
10:45pm God Save the Queen
Nietzsche’s | 8pm doors | $5 cover | 21+
In Collaboration with The Public
8:30pm Rust Belt Brigade
9pm Stress Dolls (front room)
9:15pm Wren Williams & Sons of Luther
9:45pm Stress Dolls (front room)
10pm Cannon the Brave
10:30pm Ryan Howze (front)
10:45pm Award Show 
11:30pm Ryan Howze (front)
Mohawk Place | 5pm doors | FREE! (Happy Hour) | 18+
6pm Griffin!
7pm Kerry Key
7:30pm $7 cover starts
8pm qwelis
8:30pm Jack
9:15pm Big Fred
10pm Humble Braggers
10:45pm Nylon Otters
11:30pm Bold Folly
12:15am Dean Chatham
Milkie’s Lounge | 8pm doors | $5 cover | 21+ 
9pm: K.Rob
9:45pm Rap & Destroy
10:30pm Mad Dukez
11:15pm Short Moscato
12am MileHighMuzik 
Nietzsche’s  | 9pm doors | $5 cover | 21+
10pm SHEDS
10:45pm Total Yuppies
11:30pm Cooler 
12am; Ian McCuen (front) 
12:20am Feverbox
1am: Late Night Hipster Dance Party with Dance Yourself Clean DJs
DBGB’s | 9pm doors | $5 cover
10:30pm Matthew Danger Lippman
11:15pm SMUG
12am: M.A.G.S.
Dreamland | 7pm doors | $5 cover | 18+
8pm coral collapse
8:45pm Deadwolf
9:30pm Buffalo Sex Change
10:15pm Passed Out
Mohawk Place | 7pm doors | $7 cover | 18+
8pm Johnny and the Man Kids
8:45pm The Gennies
9:30pm Kissing is a Crime
10:15pm Suburbs
11pm Gillian
11:45pm Younger Then
Milkie’s | 8pm | $5 cover | 21+ 
8:30pm Small smalls
9:15pm Dead Lounge
10pm White Shade
10:45pm Into the Wake
11:30pm Filthy Gorgeous
Nietzsche’s | 9pm doors | $5 cover | 21+ 
9:45pm Telempathy (front)
10pm New Masons
10:30pm: Telempathy (front)
10:45pm Bearhunter
11:15pm Dogs in Stereo (front)
11:30pm The Leones
12am Dogs in Stereo (front) 
12:15am Lesionread Spookyime Jazz Ensemble
DBGB’s | 9pm doors | $5 cover | 21+ 
10:30pm The Eaves (formerly Sixties Future)
11:15pm Ugly Sun
12am: Made Violent
Mohawk Place | 7pm doors | $5 cover | 18+
8pm Planet Three
8:45pm Major Arcana
9:30pm A Relative Term
10:15pm The Etchings

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