The Final Four of NYS Music’s March Madness 2017

And then there were 4….

Two weeks ago, we started with 64 artists from across New York State, now we’re here. Four bands from Binghamton, Buffalo, and a pair from Syracuse remain representing genres of prog rock, jam, reggae and drum fusion, bringing us into the Final 4 and home stretch of NYS Music’s March Madness 2017 friendly competition with these rising bands from across New York State.

Raibred (Nietzsche’s Region) vs Intrepid Travelers (Castle Studio Region)

Raibred is a progressive/psychedelic rock band from the Binghamton, NY area. Formed in 2011, we have played over 100 shows all across New York and Pennsylvania. Raibred’s setlist is changing constantly at every show which makes each performance unique and one of a kind. With a growing list of originals and covers from the Dead, Phish, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, moe., Little Feat, etc. you can hear all of your favorites mixed in with our original work to make your night out one to remember. We are always adding dates so please be sure to get out and check us out sometime!

Intrepid Travelers were founded on friendship, fun, and a sense of freedom, Intrepid Travelers is a musical quartet from Buffalo, NY that defines itself through boundless improvisation and eclectic evolution. Treating each live show as a journey with the audience rather than a performance, Intrepid Travelers pride themselves on a form of focused, collective expression that showcases a medium where cerebral musicianship meets heartfelt, soulful songwriting. Quickly building a following as an improvisational band that draws influence from the diverse catalog of American music, each show has the potential to explore any genre or style, from heavy roots in jazz-funk fusion, rock, bluegrass, to even classical and electronic music. Party music for the head and heart that also keeps the dance floor grooving.

Root SHOCK (The Hollow Region) vs Boogie Low (Downtown Barn Region)

Root SHOCK was formed in Winter of 2012 with veteran musicians whose love of reggae music flows deep. Blending roots reggae, dancehall, heavy drum & bass and soulful vocals with conscious lyrics into positive dance music will make you want to move! Root SHOCK has been surprising and delighting crowds across the Central New York region, bringing their unique high-energy style spearheaded by the stunning vocals of Jessica Brown to a wide range of settings. The band’s dedication to spreading music with a positive message has paid off in entertaining, elevating, and energizing music lovers of all walks of life! The band released their latest video “Sunlight” this past week.

Boogie Low recently released their latest album this month at The Westcott Theater. This four piece band originating out of Syracuse, NY includes Loudon Smith, Matthew West, Brandon Au, and Tommy Dennis delivers an organic sound created by each member’s individual style. With musical inspiration taken from a wide spectrum of music, Boogie Low produces a fusion of intricate melodies accompanied by an unconventional drum style. With a sound like no other, take a listen to get a taste of their sweet, sweet music.

We’d like to thank our regional sponsors The Hollow Bar and Kitchen, Nietzsche’s Buffalo, The Downtown Barn and Castle Studio. These small businesses represent the best of what New York State has to offer and celebrate music while inviting local and touring bands to perform for growing local scenes across the state.

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