Round 2 of NYS Music’s March Madness 2017

It’s time for Round 2 of the 2017 NYS Music March Madness! We’ve brought together 64 of New York’s up and coming bands for a friendly tournament style competition for readers to discover new artists who call New York home.

The original field of 64 bands are those you might not know about, but should. Recommended for inclusion in our field of 64 by NYS Music staff, contributors and readers, we hit every corner of New York State, from Long Island to Buffalo, The Catskills to the North Country and all points in between. NYS Music March Madness is a great way to discover a new and upcoming band in your area and show your support and love for bands you see often. We focus once again this year on the bands who are on the cusp of greatness. There was only room for 64 but we made some great choices and picked a wide array of genres to bring to you this year.

We’d like to thank our regional sponsors The Hollow Bar and Kitchen, Nietzsche’s Buffalo, The Downtown Barn and Castle Studio. These small businesses represent the best of what New York State has to offer and celebrate music while inviting local and touring bands to perform for growing local scenes across the state.

Second round matchups in Nietzsche’s Buffalo region and Castle Studio region include these 8 matchups:

Mister F (jam/prog) vs Funktional Flow (funk n jam)
Folkfaces (bluegrass) vs Sly Fox & the Hustlers (rock)
The Other Brothers (jam) vs The New Daze (psychedelic jam rock)
Raibred (Progadelic) vs Lord Electro (jamtronica)
Teddy Midnight (electro jam) vs Intrepid Travelers (improv/jam)
Space Carnival (psych groove rock) vs Let’s Be Leonard (jazz/jam fusion)
Talking Underwater (indie rock) vs Annie in the Water (acoustic rock)
Candy Ambulance (grunge rock) vs Ampevene (prog rock)

The Hollow Bar and Kitchen region and The Downtown Barn region feature these 8 matchups:

The Medicinals (reggae) vs Root Shock (reggae)
North and South Dakotas (y’allternative) vs Last Daze (black country rock)
Unknown Woodsmen (funklove) vs Barroom Philosophers (reggae rock)
Chris James and Mama G (Ameribeat) vs Ocular Panther (prog/electro)
Boogie Low (acid rock) vs Cousin Earth (folk rock fusion)
Dead Superstars (metal) vs Kimono Dragons (surf rock)
LoveDeep (jam/blues/rock) vs Big Mean Sound Machine (funk)
Space Bacon (jamtronica) vs Formula 5 (jam rock)

Second Round voting begins at 10AM EST on Thursday, March 16, and closes at midnight on Saturday, March 18. Sweet Sixteen voting begins at 10AM EST on Monday, March 20. Vote now for your favorites and discover some of the great up and coming music that New York State has to offer!

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