20 Years of Deep Banana Blackout

Deep Banana Blackout is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Live in the 1000 Islands release with a performance at the Capitol Theatre.

Connecticut funk band Deep Banana Blackout originally got their start in 1995 when two acts – Tongue & Groove from Connecticut and Pack of Matches from Long Island – joined together in their spare time to play old funk and soul standards. After realizing how much musical chemistry they had, the newly formed band continued on. They released their first studio album, Live in the 1000 Islands, in July of 1997. It was around this time that they were playing the Wetlands Preserve in New York City and gaining a larger audience.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of Live in the 1000 Islands, Deep Banana Blackout will play the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester on Friday, March 31 with Percy Hill, another Wetlands act. As part of the show, Deep Banana Blackout will perform Live in the 1000 Islands in its entirety. Percy Hill will play an opening set as well as join Deep Banana Blackout on a few songs.

Tickets for the show are on sale now.