Hearing Aide: SCHMAVE ‘Painted Post’

There’s always that one, odd, sunny day at the tail end of winter that breaks away from the routine gloom and darkness characteristic of the past few months. The sun is shining and there isn’t a soul that’s not outside enjoying the weather. SCHMAVE, an indie rock band out of New Paltz, New York, embodies that spirit in their debut album, Painted Post.

Each track on this seven-song project has a story and is told through seeable lyrics and tangible melodies. While songs like “Drunk” and “Hand Washed Clothing” are reminiscent of Local Natives style rhythm section and melodic structure, songs like “Fruitless” provide a jumpy alternative, creating a refreshing change of pace from the rest of the album.

Recently, the indie rock music scene has definitely emitted great projects, although most of them visibly try to create for themselves a unique sound that has never been heard before. After a while, the definition of “unique” gets lost among the saturation of bands trying to set themselves apart from the rest. Painted Post proves that a band doesn’t need a completely original sound to get recognition. In effect, SCHMAVE makes a name for itself by simply making good, relatable, honest music.

As the opening track, “Alfred” symbolizes the rising of the sun with an open chord structure and uplifting melody, the final song, the albums title track, symbolizes the setting of it. This irregular sunny day is now over and tomorrow the weather returns to the dreary winter cold, as spring tries to officially push through to the surface. Yes, tomorrow will not be the same, although those fleeting hours were the perfect remedy to getting through the rest of the season.

Key Tracks: Drunk, Hand Washed Clothing, Painted Post

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