Band Profile: The Further Unsound

Almost 40 years ago, the world was inspired by the lyric “Break on through to the other side” and the future of music was about to explode. A generation was about to change, they were ready to fight the establishment and now they had the soundtrack to do so. It was a time when music reflected more art, improvisation, and poetry. Forty years later that same musical work ethic is being applied in upstate New York.

The Further Unsound is (left to right) Cole Riddering, Sean Cranston and Matt Malone. Photo by Eddie Williams

This experimental three-piece project has made its way at warp speed, gaining recognition locally and performing live all over the East Coast.

“I mean, this is how my brain is wired man,” said guitarist and vocalist Matt Malone. “We all have our own way to interpret our feelings to the world and playing live happens to be how I like to do it.”

Which is exactly how this group took it to another level when writing and recording its latest release. Along For The Ride was a culmination of songs written by Malone, Cole Riddering and the band’s founding member, Sean Cranston.

“I’m a firm believer that playing live is where it counts most,” said Cranston.

Along For The Ride, was recorded at the The Linda Norris Auditorium in November 2015 and released in 2016.

Riddering, the band’s bassist, was the last piece in the puzzle. Prior to bringing Riddering into the project, Malone and Cranston sold everything they had, packed the car and headed to the West Coast.

With no time restraints, the three booked shows and jammed at random open mics and house gigs along the way, with just the desire to just play where ever they could in their travels.

“The live recording of Along For The Ride was a good experience, it showed me how much of a conduit I was between my bandmates and pushed me to become exactly that,” said Riddering. “The great thing about writing new music is that we have become a band in the last year and a half, we understand what we’re trying to do with our individual styles and are understanding how to put our talents together. The last album was awesome but I’m excited to be a part of the entire process this time around.”

The Further Unsound from CRUMBS Cafe on Vimeo.

Non-stop hard work has brought The Further Unsound into territory none of the bandmembers expected. Since the album’s release, The Further Unsound has played live with Creed Bratton (of The Office), the Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, Penn., the Willimantic Connecticut Street Festival and the recent Drink Albany Fest.

“Touring the world would be ideal for the future,” said Cranston. “We have started writing our next batch of tunes and, from what we’ve started, I’ve got a feeling that our next effort will be more unique than its two predecessors.”

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