Hearing Aide: Phantom Chemistry “Everything’s Great!”

Local Syracuse, NY group Phantom Chemistry release their fourth full-length album, “Everything’s Great!” on Friday, January 13. This rock band stays true to their genre with the prominent use of electrical guitar and drums in most every song. The 13-track album includes songs such as “Waste” and “Hospital” that build on the very real subject matter the band tackles in previous albums. 

The album opens with “Dream in the Dark” portraying a darker tone seen in some of the latter songs on the album. It ends with “Come Watch TV,” a noticeably longer song that carries a melodious feel.

Scattered throughout the album are songs including “Extension 23” being an interesting and upbeat take sung from the perspective of a male prostitute as well as an “Ode to Die Hard” – yes, the movie. It also features “Shades of Blue,” a song that carries a different mood from the others. The audible harmonies at the beginning of this song in addition to its lighter feel help to juxtapose the heavy material expressed lyrically.

Throughout this album, Phantom Chemistry takes their listeners on a musical journey that reflects day-to-day realities as they embrace even the ugly bumps in the road we ca
ll life. The band is excited to showcase their new music at their upcoming album release show this Friday, January 13 at Funk N Waffles (Clinton St).

Key Tracks: Hospital, Shades of Blue, Come Watch TV

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