Long Island Synth Rockers Shiffley are Back with “Sleepless Night”

Buckle up, New York. Long Island synth rockers Shiffley are back with a new single. Drawing from the great omnisexual songwriting tradition that brought us “Electric Barbarella” and “The Sexy Data Tango,” “Sleepless Night” delivers the utterly touching story of a robot who falls in love with a human.cv4g9hnwgakgp3w

Unlike Duran Duran and Voltaire, however, Shiffley resist the urge to sing about ultra-chrome, latex, and android anti-freeze. The single instead focuses on the emotional spectrum of the machine as it comes to identify and reciprocate emotions, realizing that “Cruel is how it has to be for now.” When asked about the songwriting process, singer Alex Ganes revealed, “Instrumentally this single was birthed in the studio and is very much so a collaboration with our producer, Will Rosati. It is adventurous for us in that the synths heavily drive the song’s percussion.”

This is not the first time the foursome have written about, um, mechanical sentiments. “Systems,” which premiered on New York State Music earlier this year, follows a lovesick robot who learns to feel “and then instantly regrets the decision.” Check out the quantum-singularity-contesting “Sleepless Night” below:

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