Hearing Aide: Haewa “There Is No History”

haewa_coverHaewa’s, There Is No History, offers a wide assortment of songs, encompassing a range of 90s grunge and jam band influences. Matching its meditating psychedelic album cover, Haewa sets forth a heavier side in the realm of thoughtful soundscape.

An instantly likeable track is “Born Into the Morning Light,” which has an excellent convergence of drum and slide guitar, both of which work off of each other in a format that seems fitting as what could be part of a film soundtrack. Coming in at the #4 slot on the album this song is a track that utilizes multiple and interlocking guitar riffs that give the song longevity in repeated listens. The lyrics, “I was born in the morning light,” allot this song a hopeful outlook amidst its more serious style. Although somewhat of the black sheep song on the EP, this one definitely deserves attention as a great listen.

“Chem Division” is a track off the EP that retains much more of the style that Haewa is known for based off of this EP. It’s a heavier jam that has a prominence of layered and unique guitar chords. Similarly related is the Black Keys/Led Zeppelin riffing of “Innovation at the Edge of Time.” This gives great credit to Haewa’s ability to likely be an excellent live show band. “No Ocean” is another fitting jam and be sure to listen to the fluttering guitar work found towards the end of the song.

Last but not least, “Swamping,” is a key track off the EP, which displays the use of harmonica, feeding into the 90s grunge feel overall. Ultimately, Haewa is a highly guitar driven band that has a great deal of potential going forward with their future EPs, which hopefully come out frequently.

Key Tracks: Born Into the Morning Light  Swampin’ Chem-de-Vision

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