Kinks to Reunite After 20 Years

Twenty years after their breakup, Ray and Dave Davies have made amends and plan to reunite and play together next year.


The Kinks got their start in 1963 in North London. They became part of the British invasion of the mid-’60s, but were banned from touring in the United States from 1965-1969 by the American Federation of Musicians.

The Davies brothers have had a tumultuous relationship throughout the band’s history, culminating with Ray smashing Dave’s birthday cake on his 50th birthday in 1996 causing the breakup. Reunion talk surfaced in 2003 and 2013 for the band’s 40th and 50th reunions, but Dave’s stroke prevented the first, while the second never materialized. Excitement for a reunion grew when Ray joined Dave on stage last December to perform the classic “You Really Got Me.”

The brothers seem to have reconciled their differences and plan to join each other on stage. They are hoping to play the Glastonbury Festival next year and want to bring the show to New York.


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