Hearing Aide: Tweed “The Chunky Life”

The Chunky Life, a five song album from Philadelphia band Tweed combines classic synth parts, powerful vocals, and funky grooves to create a whirlwind of vibes that range from the dark and mysterious to those of high energy that automatically warrant head bops after pressing play. The second track on the album, “Best Thing On The Menu,” is composed of many different levels and moods. From the fast paced funky grooves and interesting lyrics to the dark and broody sections that almost sound like modern day dub step garnished with the sound of wailing guitar solos, the song exhibits a very eclectic style of music taste and ability for the band.

“You,” combines a story told through sound with the same groovy drum patterns and rhythms, although this time incorporates vocals that are similar to and seem to be reminiscent of songs from the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. The solo nearing the end is indicative of the mixed emotions of confusion and lust Tweed tries to emit from this track.

Other notable songs from this project are “Big Sky” and the strong finishing last song, “Loup-Garou.” All five tracks in The Chunky Life emit the same vibes – maintaining the funk flare that is initially intended. That being said, there isn’t much of a buildup or climax, which makes listeners question the storyline behind the tracks. With songs that end among the six or seven minute range, Tweed creates a head bopping environment that is indicative of the world’s need and, furthermore, necessity for funk music.

Key Tracks: Big Sky, You, Best Thing On The Menu

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