Hearing Aide: Balsam Range, “Mountain Voodoo”

Nestled between the Great Smokies, where the Blue Ridge unites, life is hard but comforting like a cool mountain evening. It is there you will find Balsam Range. Their sixth album, Mountain Voodoo, is nothing short of an award winning bluegrass homage.  Boasting Grammy veterans and an honorary Doctorate among this group, the album leaves you with a taste of life in each of the 13 tracks.

“Blue Collar Dreams” showcases everything that is bluegrass.  Hard driving rhythms, mesmerizing vocal harmonies, enthralling banjo and a fiddle nicely finishes off this testament to a great American roots genre.

If you’re looking for a bluegrass anthem, look no further than “Rise and Shine.”  This song bursts with a ray of hope and positivity.  You will not find simple vocal harmonization here, but instead sweet runs of acoustics, entwined in harmonies that offer a breath of optimism.  “Don’t Walk Away” transports you through emotion and gives a glimpse through long vocal runs that we expect and find so comforting about bluegrass music.

Balsam Range’s “Mountain Voodoo” is set to release on November 11th and if a trip through life in the Blue Ridge is what you’re seeking, let them take you.

Key Tracks: Blue Collar Dreams, Rise and Shine, Don’t Walk Away

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