AC/DC Brings a New Flavor to First Niagara Center

_dsc9469AC/DC finally made their appearance on Sunday, September 22 at First Niagara Center after an extended delay because of the departure of longtime lead singer Brian Johnson. They performed a lengthy list of fan favorites. Guns N` Roses’ Axl Rose had taken Brian’s place and the reviews were mixed from fans.

Axl treated the arena to a remarkable performance, vocally that is. He seemed to find a perfect harmony between his style and the original singers. Rose had a couple moves like his signature sway dance to make it his own as well. Rose did not dominate the show which was feared; he rather fit into the band like a missing puzzle piece.

AC/DC really isn’t AC/DC at this point. The only original member is Angus who was really the star of the show, with his signature moves and energy, going from side to side of the stage and skipping out onto the runway with his childlike charm. He has the uncanny ability to work the crowd. Chris Slade replaced Phil Rudd and Malcom was replaced by Stevie Young. They added a new sound to the band but most people who new the original lineup just weren’t having it.

Like always AC/DC pulled out tricks left and right in regards to special effects, including a giant blow up doll making sexual gestures during “Whole Lotta Rosie,” a giant bell lowering from the rafters for “Hells Bells” and a line of cannons during “For Those About to Rock.”

The crowd was scattered with an array of flashing red horns that were printed with AC/DC on them. Some people were leaving the venue either by escort or the occasional police car. AC/DC has had plenty of mishaps but still manages to deliver their own brand of rock. Granted Axl killed it vocally all night and made quite the impression; the star of the night was Angus and will always be. He still carries the school boy image after all these decades and will forever remain the face of AC/DC.

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