Tea Leaf Green Makes The Crowd Scream

‘Twas a night of dim lit eye candy and musicality, where Stop Light Observations opened up the evening ahead of Tea Leaf Green at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, October 15, like a fresh can of soda pop. SLO, a southern-retro-electro-rock band, holds an intricate blend of influences, some of which include revival, folk, Motown, and indie. Groups like this one build a strong bond over the years, having been formed in their teens.

tea leaf greenThe members entered and dropped their little pup on the stage, being their biggest groupie. Fans obsessed over the charming pooch as his friendliness filled the atmosphere and matched the cool vibes of the performance.

The crowd was getting rowdy, for Tea Leaf Green was due to perform next and blow the audience away. Alas, the musicians played a mean set at this fine tea party; Josh Clark sparked the floor with his guitar and powerful vocals, Trevor Garrod made love to the keyboard and killed it with the harmonica adding some vocals as well. Eric DiBerardino made the crowd bounce with his bass. Lastly, Cochrane McMillan and Scott Rager beat the drums to match the rhythm of the fan’s heartbeats.

They played moving songs throughout the night, some of which included “Sleep Paralysis,” “Red Ribbons,” “Germanating,” “Bouncing Betty,” “Let us Go,” and ended the night with “Incandescent Devil.” Each song had its own bit of flare with an emotional build up and release, including a bit of rock, jam, and hypnotic beats.

tea leaf greenTLG stems from the heart of the Golden State in San Francisco; these talented individuals pour love and dedication into their stellar performance, with an array of overlapping vocals. Each artist fused a piece of their soul into each album, which ultimately created an intriguing mix of sounds; if only I could spread this kind of jam onto my toast.

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