Hearing Aide: Ali Carter “Songs of Longing”

Ali Carter Songs-of-longingAli Carter, singer and songwriter originally from Sydney, Australia has relocated to Brooklyn, New York with the hope of making a name for herself in the music industry. With the release of her debut album earlier this year entitled Songs of Longing, Ali is ready to bring her music to the American music scene.

Growing up in a household filled with music, Ali was exposed to a wide range of genres of music from an early age. She describes her style of music as soulful, containing some aspects of folk music as well. Her twelve-track debut record embodies both those styles and more, being classified as an indie pop and jazz album. Songs of Longing is a multifaceted work on which Ali contributes both vocals and instrumentals.

Ali’s unique sound is created by the combination of her dynamic voice and ukulele-driven songs. Her use of the ukulele, traditionally a folk instrument, on an indie pop and jazz album is an original creative twist. Other artists have had success incorporating non-traditional instruments in their performances such as Ian Anderson’s use of the flute in rock music. Her personal and poetic lyrics are further supported by her three-man band and showcased on every song on her album.

It’s always refreshing to discover an artist like Ali Carter with a passion to create sincere and pure music. Songs of Longing is a cohesive work whose overall unique sound and mellow temperament will leave your ears wanting to hear more.

Key Tracks: My Heart’s in Union Square, Sex and Cigarettes, Open to You

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