Reznor Responds to Questions of NIN Returning in 2016

Ever wonder what happened to that Nine Inch Nails’ return that Trent Reznor spoke about around last holiday season? Reznor sent out a tweet around the Christmas holiday in 2015 and stated that Nine Inch Nails’ would return in 2016. Well with 2016 rapidly coming to an end, the only thing fans have heard from Reznor were a couple movie announcements he will take part in. Reznor will be apart of Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary about climate change titled Between The Flood, and Peter Berg’s motion picture about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings titled Patriot’s Day, which stars Mark Wahlberg.


With less than three months left on the calendar year, COS reports that Reznor recently posted a photo to Instagram of him and some crew members from the movie Between The Flood. This prompted fans to comment and ask the front man, what’s the deal with NIN returning in 2016 like he said? Reznor responded with “2016 is not over yet!”

Reznor over the summer registered a song titled “Dive and Slam,” on ASCAP’s Repertory and attributed the song to Nine Inch Nails’. The track originally had a September 16 release date, but that info was disputed by Reznor and has yet to be released. Reznor is the only original member of the band, and serves as the band’s main singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist. Once Reznor records a new album, he then sets out to assemble a band to play live on tour with him.

Nine Inch Nails’ has released nine studio albums. The band’s most current album Hesitation Marks, was released in 2013. NIN has sold over 10 million albums in the United States and over 20 million worldwide.


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