Hearing Aide: Teddy Midnight “Velvet Blue”

On September 7 New York City’s own Teddy Midnight released their first LP Velvet Blue. An eight song release captivating their blend of genres from funk, rock, and jamtronica, to so much more.  Recorded at Telefunken Elektroakustik by Alan Venitosh, produced by Sean Silva (synthesizers/bass), and co-produced by drummer Adam Magnan. Velvet Blue was written and recorded entirely by the members of Teddy Midnight with the addition of Amy Grace adding her powerful vocals to “Blue Dream,” the final track. An excellent debut album by a group of musicians that have earned a respectable spot as an up and coming band. Teddy Midnight is hard working, both in and out of the studio.

Teddy Midnight Velvet BlueEach member patiently brings a noticeable flavor to Teddy Midnight‘s unique sound and brings an individual ingredient that gives their fans that taste they are looking for when looking for the right band to go see. Velvet Blue captures the essence of their raw, high energy jams and electronic influence. A terrific soundtrack to getting down or just listening to good tunes.

The album opens up with “Velvet Mist” with each member layering in and immediately getting the dance party started. Continuing this theme throughout the entire album with each track holding it’s own.  With tasteful blends of sounds from keyboardist Sean McAuley using full bodied tones complimenting guitarist Wiley Griffin’s seasoned tones and style. Whether the two are syncing notes or complimenting each other, bassist Sean Silva and drummer Adam Magnan lay down a solid foundation for tracks to soar such as “Popo Jijo.”  Subtle uses of an arpeggiator backing track gives this album a hint of what STS9 does when composing music and adding organic energy. Be sure to check out Velvet Blue.

Key Tracks: Velvet Mist, Turkish Silva, Popo Jijo

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