Hearing Aide: Tender Glue “Steady Light”

0007865279_10Tom Gluewicki is the one-man force behind the Brooklyn based music project, Tender Glue. His debut EP, Wait For Steady Light, came out in September 2015 and now, one year later, after acquiring more live performance, song writing and recording experience, Tender Glue is set to release its anticipated follow up album, fittingly entitled, Steady Light.

Tender Glue is known for his acoustic, indie-rock style meshed with a post-punk stripped down sound, all of which comes across in Steady Light. “West” the first single, is a slow, guitar-driven ballad that evokes Gluewicki’s heart felt intentionality, pouring through his music. Each guitar chord seems to drag, emphasizing his clear emotion and meaningfulness, and right when the listener would expect the track to come to a close, a beautiful moment of clarity opens up with the freeing simplicity of Gluewicki’s airy guitar work. This sort of nifty composure is heard throughout much of Steady Light and it appears that Gluewicki’s knack for not only song structure but skill in both the acoustic and electric guitar world has significantly improved over the year. It’s heard elsewhere in his music too with “Hope Street,” where acoustic chords are contrasted by the eerie drone of electric rambling. With its moments of dismay this song can definitely come across as somber, and maybe a little too dreary at points, but this also seems to be a part of what Tender Glue strives for in his music. It’s the longing for something that might no longer be there. Or it’s leaving a place you’ve come to know well, as with “Goodbye Bushwick,” yet recognizing to always carry home. Whatever it is, Gluewicki is quick to transmit that emotion into music.

Tender Glue’s somber, acoustically spacious and slight 90s grunge influence is what makes this one-man band such an honest delight to dive into. Steady Light is sure to be a must-listen throughout the upcoming autumn nights and straight through into the winter. And be sure to look out for Tender Glue’s album release show set for August 26th at City Reliquary in Brooklyn, NY.

Key Tracks: West, Goodbye Bushwick, Hope Street

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