Hearing Aide: STS9 “The Universe Inside”

sts92Soundtribe Sector 9 has come back from their space oddesey to release their 5th studio album The Universe Inside. If you’re looking for the instrumental sound tribe of yore you won’t find it here. Most of The Universe Inside is rife with vocal samples which sometimes don’t hit the mark. This album has a lot of potential, as there is no denying that these are extremely talented musicians. Yet the pop style vocals often felt unnecessary instead of complimentary. For instance the beginning of “Worry No More” had me waving my hand around like Christina Aguilera performing an Aretha Franklin song. As the song continued though the vocals seemed overbearing, instead of helping to showcase the instrumentals.

Although for me, less is more when it comes to the samples, they still retained their essence, especially in the later tracks. A lot of the songs have a fun, disco feel, like a soundtrack to a psychedelic roller rink. The bass lines are the highlight of “Out of This World” and “Get Loud.” Their new bassist Alana Rocklin is incredibly talented, and it’s great to see a woman of her caliber at the forefront of a popular jam band.

The middle to the end of “Give & Take” is both soulful and futuristic which falls in line with their efforts to develop “a new kind of electronica that combines the energy of 21st century dance music with the dynamics of a band.” If it’s dance music you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place, . The Universe Inside is undoubtedly an album that will get you moving, and even have you singing along.

The Universe Inside is set for release September 2.

Key Tracks: World Go Round, Give & Take, The Universe Inside

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