Blink-182 Brings Classic Pop-Punk to the Lakeview Amphitheater

Flinging toilet paper, throwing bras and shooting fireworks is just the beginning of the beautiful chaos presented by a Blink-182 show.

On Aug. 23, All Time Low, A Day To Remember and Blink-182 presented the Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, NY with nothing less than an outstanding rock show.24W_7120

The show opened with Maryland natives All Time Low who gave a performance that left fans in awe. During their opening song, “Lost In Stereo,” guitarist Jack Barakat ran off stage and into the audience surprising hundreds of fans with pictures and high-fives.

Barakat went out of his way to hit every part of the venue from the floor seats, to out past the lawn, while continuing to perform “Lost In Stereo.” As exciting as it was to watch, Barakat should have expected the fans that ran after him in droves trying to get his attention.

“I grabbed some dude’s hand and he grabbed my ass,” said Barakat after he returned to the stage from being in the crowd. When returning, they played what was their best song of the night, “Weightless,” which showed off the most energy and excitement from the crowd.

As an opener, All Time Low expressed their incomparable joy for being asked to be a part of the tour with Blink-182. Frontman Alex Gaskarth opened up to the crowd about how they started playing music in high school, and found their influence from bands like Blink-182.

“We started this band when we were just in high school and we had just found out about bands like NOFX, Blink-182 and Green Day, and all of those bands are basically the reason we are a band,” said Gaskarth.

With some vocal issues to start off the night, Gaskarth stabilized his voice when singing the acoustic song, “Missing You,” which showed off his rich tonal quality, and less strain in his vocals.

As excited as fans were to see Barakat out-and-about in the venue, during All Time Low’s closing song, “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” Gaskarth followed the trend by running with his microphone up the halls of the amphitheater and ending against the barricade of the lawn.

Like every All Time Low performance, by the end of their set, the stage and their mic stands showed off a rainbow assortment of bras thrown on stage by young fans.

Opening with All Time Low’s pop-punk style, the crowd was ready to hear five-piece rock band, A Day To Remember, fill the Amphitheater with their heavier sound.

Starting their set with fan-favorite “The Downfall Of Us All,” dozens of beach balls were released into the audience, but this wasn’t the only thing shot out to the crowd during their set.


During their beloved song, “Right Back At It Again,” a man came out with a costume and a t-shirt cannon shooting shirts to fans the entire song. Besides the t-shirts, the band starting throwing out dozens of rolls of toilet paper during, “All Signs Point To Lauderdale,” which made the venue sparkle with the white rolls being thrown every direction.

With t-shirts and toilet paper shot across the venue from song-to-song, fans were screaming from excitement. With all of the energy and smiles from their set, “Right Back At It Again” and “All Signs Point To Lauderdale”, became the most memorable parts of their performance.

“How many people grew up listening to heavy music?” asked frontman Jeremy McKinnon before performing the popular, “2nd Sucks.” Although this was the heaviest song of their set, A Day To Remember also played their heavy, recent single, “Paranoia,” off of their upcoming release, Bad Vibrations out Sept. 2.

A Day To Remember used their stage presence, performing abilities and outstanding stage effects to stand out as putting on the best performance of the night.

As soon as punk legends Blink-182 took the stage, they immediately went into performing their ever popular, “Feeling This.” Blink-182, which now includes original members drummer Travis Barker and vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus, were accompanied by their fill-in member, Matt Skiba.


Although there were attempts by Skiba to nail Delonge’s vocals in songs like “Stay Together For The Kids” and “Reckless Abandon,” these attempts backfired on Skiba. With vocal strains and pitch issues, Skiba struggled to stay true to the original vocal parts of songs. This being said, in songs like “Los Angeles” and “Cynical,” Skiba hit the nail on the head vocally.

Despite their new album, California being released a few months ago, Blink-182 presented a diverse selection of songs that stretched across their discography for their set list. With their mix of performing older songs like, “Dumpweed” and newer songs like, “San Diego,” Blink-182 built their set list to accommodate fans of all eras.

Possibly the highlight of Blink-182’s set was when Hoppus brought smiles to the faces of fans all across the venue as he decided to do a song entirely in the dark.


“We invite you to take part in rock and roll history, as you take out your cellular phones, turn on the flashlight feature, and watch in utter f-cking awe and amazement, as we perform this song entirely in the dark,” said Hoppus.

Against what the crowd anticipated, the song that they went into performing was the minute long, infamous, humorous song, “Happy Holidays, You Bastard,” which after finishing the song, Hoppus said “You’re welcome” to the audience.

Along with Blink-182’s traditional humor, before performing their hit, “Stay Together For The Kids,” Hoppus gave the audience a briefing of the upsetting nature of the song.

“It’s so sad, you want to put on eyeliner, be alone in your room and listen to Taking Back Sunday and tell your parents to f-ck off,” said Hoppus.

With fans of all ages attending and singing along to Blink-182, it is easy to see how influential of a band they are. Some fans, like 26-year-old Tatianna Davis, were seeing Blink-182 as a celebration. Celebrating her two-year anniversary with her boyfriend, Davis and her boyfriend attended the show together. “These are bands I grew up listening to that I absolutely adore,” said Davis.

Blink-182 closed their set with, “Dammit,” but surprised the crowd by bringing out Landon Barker to close the set. By following the footsteps of his father on the drums, young Barker was the perfect close to the evening.

The smiles on the faces of fans covered in confetti, toilet paper and dirt was priceless, which should be more than enough motivation to see a Blink-182 tour in a town near you.

All Time Low Setlist: Lost In Stereo, Love Like War, Dancing With A Wolf, Six Feet Under The Stars, Backseat Serenade, Something’s Gotta Give, Missing You, Weightless, Dear Maria, Count Me In

A Day To Remember Setlist: Downfall of us All, I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made of?, It’s Complicated, 2nd Sucks, Right Back At It Again, Have Faith in Me, All Signs Point To Lauderdale, Paranoia, All I Want, If It Means A Lot To You, The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle

Blink-182 Setlist: Feeling This, What’s My Age Again?, Family Reunion, Rock Show, Cynical, First Date, Down, I Miss You, Bored To Death, Built This Pool, Dumpweed, Stay Together For The Kids, Reckless Abandon, San Diego, Not Now, Violence, Kings of the Weekend, Dysentery Gary, Happy Holidays, You Bastard, Los Angeles, Carousel, All The Small Things, Brohemian Rhapsody, Dammit

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