Hearing Aide: Big Eyes “Stake My Claim”

Big Eyes, the female fronted punk rock band from New York City formed in 2009 by vocalist Kait Eldridge featuring Paul Ridenour, Malcolm Donaldson and Griffin Harrison. The band Big Eyes have a very Joan Jett vibe to them and with a comparable sound like that there is nowhere but up for this group to go. With their new album Stake My Claim being released on August 19 via Don Giovanni Records.

This album flows with each track, starting off with a bang with the title track, the perfect way to get things rolling and gives you a good sense of what else is to come. Powerful guitars and drumming really put this track together well along with Kait’s vocals. “When You Were 25” continues the high energy and keeps you pulled into the record, allowing you to reminisce about your early twenties and the struggle of being a reckless youth needing to face the hardships of adulthood.  “Alls I Know,” the final track on the album, really ties the album up perfectly; this track starts off a bit slower than the rest and picks back up into that punk rock feel about a minute into the song.

With so much potential this band has a very high ceiling and it can be heard through this album, maybe one day this band will share the stage with Joan Jett. The potential of this group is tremendous.

Key Tracks: Stake My Claim, When You Were 25, Alls I Know

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