Hearing Aide: Lotus “Eat the Light”

LOTUS_ETL cover_hi-resBringing back that same lovable soul of Nomad, Lotus recently released their thirteenth studio album, Eat the Light. Since their start in 1999, Lotus has been wowing listeners with ways of creating new sounds, while remaining distinctively Lotus, and continuing their legacy with a new 10-track record where every song features vocals.

“It is a pop record in the sense that the arrangements are purposely simplified and the melodies are catchy,” bassist Jesse Miller said. “We want people to be humming these songs days after hearing them. The album doesn’t need an accompanying catalytic life story to be explained, just put it on the stereo and enjoy.”

This album includes guests such as, Oriel Poole, Steve Yutzy-Burkey and more. Each track having vocals will certainly open many doors for Lotus, especially in the jam scene with tracks such as “Move too Fast,” which is an evocative and playful track with a skittering drum beat and insistent, syncopated bass line. It evokes the feeling of weightlessness, while having a head-nodding beat and vocals by Johnny Fissinger (Philadelphia’s Damn Right!).

Not that Lotus needs any help gaining likes, but taking this new approach will certainly entertain a whole new audience while keeping their diehard fans excited, especially since they plan on releasing a 2016/2017 tour.

Key Tracks: Fearless, Sleep When we are Dead,  Eat the Light

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