Hearing Aide: The Phryg Self-Titled Debut

ThePhrygBrooklyn-based progressive funk quartet The Phryg released their full-length self-titled debut album last month. The band formed in 2013 and released their debut EP Midnight Snack in 2014. They tour regularly in the New York and Pennsylvania areas.

The Phryg kicks off with “Hello Miss,” a six minute progression that opens with a funk groove bringing the whole band into the mix. The song moves through variations of the opening groove to the bridge, which features a brief piano solo, before the song climaxes with a rocking solo from guitarist Collin Patierno. It finally comes to a close returning to the initial funk groove.

The second track “Puddin’ Head,” which is also the shortest track clocking in just under four minutes, brings a nice slow funky groove throughout. “Turn You Out” is a keyboard-led tune that rounds out the start of the album. “Crispy Hat” is an instrumental tune that shows off the band’s capabilities. The final track “Tang Slayer” is a perfect cap to the album.

The album is straight up funk grooves throughout and will keep those listening moving. Unfortunately, they don’t stray very much from a standard form with many of the songs feeling as though they were written off the same groove. The production quality of several tracks is lacking, leaving the listener wondering if they’re listening to a demo or a fully produced album. Overall, The Phryg’s debut album is a fun listen, if lacking in places.

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Key Tracks: Hello Miss, Crispy Hat, Tang Slayer

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