Local Beadle Brothers to Kick Off Turning Stone’s Country Weekend with The Band Perry

Those who frequent Exit 33’s Tin Rooster are all too familiar with the dynamic house band, The Beadle Brothers.  Best known for their energetic charisma and stellar instrumental skills, it’s no surprise to learn that they will be opening up for The Band Perry at Turning Stone Resort Casino on Saturday, June 25th.

The Beadle Brothers - Turning Stone Event Center
The Beadle Brothers – Turning Stone Event Center

NYS Music had a chance to talk with the band before its show this weekend to learn a little more about them.

Kathy:   Thank you for agreeing to talk with our readers.  We’re very excited about your upcoming show this coming week with The Band Perry.  This isn’t the first time you’ve opened for a national act.  We’ve seen you before at Turning Stone when you opened for Justin Moore.  You blew the roof off and primed that audience for an unbelievable night that night.  That must be super exciting to be able to share your music with perhaps a new audience that may not have seen you before. Share with us how this all began for you and your brother.  Did you always know that music was your calling?

Beadle Brothers: Yes, absolutely, 100 percent.  Music has been in our family forever.  Our father is still an active entertainer, singer and guitar player, as well as our grandfather and grandmother. Both of us have been playing multiple instruments and singing from a very young age.  I was playing in my first traveling band at the age of 14 and Bruce followed shortly thereafter.

Kathy:  Many artists play for years, amassing an audience of followers.  You have a loyal following of fans here in Central New York.  Talk to us a little about the progression that led you up to today.

Beadle Brothers: We have a very strong following in Central New York. Persistence, drive and energy have driven us to push harder in contributing to our fans. Our goal for every show is to make sure our fans have the best time of their lives. We give everything we have, in every show we perform.

Kathy: Last year you were nominated for the New Music Weekly 2015 New Music Awards – Country Group/Duo of the Year.  Share with our readers how that came about?

Beadle Brothers: We were signed by a record label through the artist development deal with LURE records. Part of their side of the deal, was to promote us and to get our original songs played nationally and internationally on the radio. Our first release got to number 19 on the indie world country charts and our second release went to number one.

Kathy: For those readers that may never have had the opportunity to see you live…what would you like them to take away from a show?

Beadle Brothers: We would like fans to leave feeling that they just experienced an entertaining show, or say, “Wow, that was a great show.  These guys have so much energy and that show was great fun.”  That’s what music is all about.

Kathy: We are so fortunate to have you play locally at the Tin Rooster.  Exit 33 at Turning Stone is an amazing venue featuring many local NY State artists.  Pretty much one of a kind as it’s specifically for those local artists to support local music.  Talk to us about the importance of these local venues and how it’s affected your fan base.

Beadle Brothers: Local venues play a huge role in building artists’ fan base. Tin Rooster at Turning Stone has been invaluable in making the process happen even faster for us. At Tin Rooster, our fans have a place that is exciting, energetic and awesome to come watch and listen to us.

Kathy: What’s on the horizon from you all this coming summer?

Beadle Brothers: This summer, in addition to opening for The Band Perry at Turning Stone, we’re also opening for Montgomery Gentry, Eric Paslay, and a whole bunch of other great artists and we’ll be playing at a variety of different venues.

Kathy: Thank you again for speaking with our readers, we look forward to seeing you this week as well as this summer at the Tin Rooster.

Beadle Brothers: Thank you for interviewing us, we appreciate it.

As you all make your way to the show this weekend to see the amazing Band Perry, I highly encourage you to get there early enough to take in these entertainers as well.  You will definitely be marking your calendar to head back for their shows at the Tin Rooster from that point on.

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