Camp Bisco’s Color War XI: the Aquatic Ape to Include Vast New Improvements

Camp Bisco Color War XI: The Aquatic Ape, will return for its 11th season this year on Friday, July 15 at Montage Mountain. Now in its second year at the venue,  patrons of the festival and Color War faithful will be much more well equipped to deal with the inclined terrain that the venue offers in spades.

Offering a plethora of new events that utilize the Mountain’s stage-side water park, including the Above the Wave Pool Race and High Speed River Racer, means that Bisconauts can stay cool while the competition heats up.  Even the onsite zip line will be taken advantage of in the finale of the Montage Highwire Marathon.  In addition to the already well loved Disco Biscuits themed games that Camp Bisco Color War has to offer, these new events will assist in truly making Color War great again.

The Montage Highwire Marathon will have participants dreaming to touch the sky after a foot race to the top

Color War began in 2005 at the fourth Camp Bisco, and has been growing in momentum and notoriety ever since. Die hard Biscuits fan and founder Yancy Davis catalyzed its advent by combining two of his favorite passions; the Disco Biscuits and friendly organized sports.  Most of the events in the first couple of years are very familiar, such as tug-o-war, a three legged race, and the ever perilous egg toss.  More and more Biscuits references snuck their way into the fabric of Color Wars throughout the passing seasons, including Mr. Don’s Mustache, telling your own Nughuffer story, and the Bernstein and Bacon-off best-bacon-frier competition.  That trend continues in the water park this year, giving this 11th installation the honor of being named after a true Biscuits classic, Aquatic Ape.

Sister Judy might get a little wet this year; Montage Mountain’s water park will receive a full take over from Color War troops

Four teams to choose from means more options in the already astounding list that Color War XI: The Aquatic Ape has to offer.  Three time back-to-back champions Purple Reign are looking to remain the reigning kings of Color War.  New World Orange are also three time conquerors, though it has been years since these underdogs claimed the throne.  Returning from earlier years will be the Greenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as the ferocious Pink Hydra Squad.

Camp Bisco attendees will have a lot to think about this year when stepping foot on the Color War field, especially if they plan to participate in another new event called I Want to Be Barber; a costume contest wherein contestants attempt to mimic Disco Biscuits’ guitarist Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig’s legendary stage outfits.  Often imitated but never duplicated, such a challenge has never been met on the Camp Bisco lot.

Splitting our minds by day and our girlfriends’ thighs by night, Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig is a force to be reckoned with both musically and fashionably

Anyone who wishes to participate in Color War XI need only go to and complete the quick registration form, or simply show up at 12PM on Friday, July 15 at the water park.  Conveniently located next to the Above the Waves stage, Color Warriors won’t need to miss any of their favorite bands or DJs during the festivities.  Word has been getting around that some celebrity members of said bands may even help in judging some of the competitions.  Only one thing is certain for the outcome of Color War XI: The Aquatic Ape: Camp Bisco and Color War will be a little wetter forever.

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