Local Limelight: Seymour – Indie Rock from New Paltz

seymourAnyone whose life revolves around music, seeks out new ear candy as often as possible. The most difficult thing is to find something that really piques your interest, especially a complete album. During my third listen through Seymour’s new self-titled album, my interest was certainly piqued.

In a recent phone conversation with Steve Geary (rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), who co-founded the band with Avery Maracek (rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), I was able to learn quite a bit about the up-and-coming band from New Paltz. Steve and Avery met their bandmates, John Morrison (lead guitar) and Brandon Bera (drums), while they all attended SUNY New Paltz. As is common among college friends, they all hail from different places around New York State; Steve and John grew up in the Capital Region, Avery is from Western NY and Brandon is from the Westchester area.

They came together and melded their influences, which range from Avery’s exposure to jazz guitar via his father, to Steve’s adoration of ’90s indie rock and mixed it all with John and Brandon’s love of jam bands. The final product? A mixed sound of Weezer and Fountains of Wayne (circa Utopia Parkway) pumped into your ears from headphones, reminding you of your teenage years. Steve explained that he and Avery share the songwriting duties. He feels that with both of them writing they are able to create a symbiotic relationship, which generates a more than gratifying result.


When you press play to listen to the new album, you are instantly hit with the meta tune “Seymour,” their self-titled song off of their latest release. Although this is their first full-length album, these boys have an arrangement that shows just how much work they’ve put into the last two years since forming April 2014. While listening through the record, other earworms present themselves; the somber love song “Bleeding Heart” shows how there isn’t just surface feelings built into Seymour’s music, and this depth is further accentuated in their short but introspective song, “Tethered.” As mentioned before, this first Seymour album is truly easy to listen to on repeat.

To check out Seymour’s new self-titled album, you can visit their Bandcamp page. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page and website. You can also catch them live at their upcoming show at Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY, on June 18.

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