Road Trip: Bunny Wailer and Highway 50 at the Ogden in Denver

They say this is a bad year for music legends. They say all the good ones are gone. Shhhhh! Don’t tell that to Bunny Wailer, the last original member of the legendary Wailers. Because, not only is he alive, but skipping and skittering across stage while belting out tropical sun-drenched roots reggae songs with sinewy finesse. The three-time Grammy winner recently assembled a robust band along with a buzz-cut sharp horn second called the Solomonic Reggaestra. Wailers assemble sparked the Ogden Theatre last week in Denver, Colorado with jaunty renditions of classic Wailer favorites like “Trenchtown Rock.” Local ska/reggae favorites, Highway 50, led by former Samples keyboardist, Al Laughin, started the evening with lemon bright set of melodies punctuated by the brass jags of The Horns of Destruction. The bloggers may not have it quite right. Maybe it hasn’t all been bad this year for music legends. And they aren’t all dead. Not by a back roads Jamaica mile.

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