NYC welcomes Journey with “Open Arms”

Like Saturday Night Live is to NYC,  Journey is a household name in rock music. Since their inception in 1973, the band continues to tour tirelessly every year, rocking audiences of all ages and all over the world who welcome them with open arms.

The guys made a pit stop at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night while on their short stint with the legendary Carlos Santana.

journey Open ArmsA Journey show never disappoints, regardless if they are your all time favorite band in the world or you’ve merely sang (or screamed) “Don’t Stop Believin” at 3am in some random, dark bar in the East Village. You will love every minute of the show. The old favorites come back to you like it was yesterday, fielding distant memories from years gone by, you are sure to leave with the swagger of an 18 year-old.

The band started the night with “Separate Ways,” followed by “Be Good to Yourself,” and right into “Open Arms.” And after a Neal Schon guitar segue, one of my personal favorites, “Stone in Love” cracked the crowd wide open.

The humility and gracious nature of singer Arnel Pineda is purely contagious. Where we once thought there could be no replacement for Steve Perry, Arnel takes our experience to a fresh and creative new level. His soft as suede voice and unbridled excitement reminds us that anything is possible and your wildest dreams can come true if you dare.

Sunglassed and sleek, guitarist Neal Schon is the backbone of Journey and has been since the beginning. As he meticulously picks his emerald green Gibson, you can sense the greatness that lurks behind those dark shades.

Iconic songwriter and piano man, Jonathan Cain, is responsible for some of the most infectious love songs in the 20th century. As an intro to “Faithfully,” he stated:

“This song was written on a late night bus ride from NYC, I was the new guy in the band and there was this moment when I realized we were family, sort of like a traveling circus, that’s where the inspiration for “Faithfully” came.”

During this tear-jerking melody, a lovely photo montage of fans and life on the road were displayed behind them.

As the night came to a close and my eyes caught the distant silhouettes of fans bowing from the stage left side seats, Journey ended the evening with “Don’t Stop Believin’,” followed by “Any Way You Want It” and an encore of “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin.”

The ‘journey’ continues across the nation until September, don’t miss this legendary band.

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