Hearing Aide: The Heroic Enthusiasts “Memory Wheel”

Rochester’s self-described “new wave influenced indie-pop” group The Heroic Enthusiasts have spun their new EP Memory Wheel and landed on a unique combination of musical genres.


Released in February 2016 on Jam Tom Music, the guitar-heavy tracks combined with lyrics delivered with a slight English accent put off a progressive rock vibe with a slight 1980’s tone. That’s no surprise as the group is led by James Tabbi and Tom Ferrara on vocals and guitar, both of whom are math majors and music lovers of Sicilian descent.

Tabbi and Ferrara have weaved intricate guitar stylings and open-for-interpretation lyrics into a soundtrack reflective of the tangled melodies of track 2, Falling of the Drop, which runs the gamut of emotions from a sense of foreboding to a feeling of release, a reminder that through music we we truly are “all one.”

“Suspended, connected, singularity of thought, the falling of the drop. In silent reflection, more powerful than fear, the falling of the drop.”

The lyrics in track 4 Broken Liquid could be about anything from broken friendships, regrets, love or loss.

“We say we’re friends but never can speak again. Leftover thoughts, discarded with broken plans. Isn’t this how it always ends”

The Heroic Enthusiasts (3), photo credit Jason Wilder

Professionals by day, Tabbi and Ferrara started playing together performing covers, but soon realized they wanted to write their own songs. They’ve since recorded eleven songs as The Heroic Enthusiasts since 2013, four of which are featured on their first EP Memory Wheel, also featuring Dexter Redic on bass and Mike James on drums. The album is worth taking a spin, especially for those who enjoy a methodical and progressive approach to music.

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