Jimkata Brings ‘In Motion’ to Buffalo Iron Works

Ithaca based jamtronic/indie rock trio Jimkata is currently touring in support of their latest fan funded release In Motion.  The trio will roll into Buffalo Iron Works on Saturday March 26th.

Aaron Gorsch, Evan Friedell & Packy Lunn- Jimkata- Copyright Pat Tellier

After taking a brief hiatus that took the band off the road for the majority of the fall and winter, Jimkata hit the road for the first time as a trio this February. Frontman Evan Friedell told NYS Music that touring as a three piece has helped strengthen the bands dynamic.

“I think having just the three of us on stage has simplified the dynamic a little bit in that its easier to communicate and improvise as musicians.  It also has led us to focus specifically on each sound and make everything sound bigger.  We’re also starting to get a good sense of set flow, like what songs pair well with each other, and are continually getting better at making good sets every night.”

After the departure of longtime bassist David Rossi in late 2014, Stephen Learson (The Endobox) jumped on the road with the band for the majority of 2015.  The band made the decision while on hiatus to tour with only the band’s orginial three members: Friedell, Packy Lunn (drums)  and Aaron Gorsch (guitar/snyths).

And in Friedell’s opinion, the gamble has paid off.  “Packy and Aaron have stepped up to the plate big time in terms of covering multiple parts.  When we first started rehearsing as a three piece I had some apprehension that maybe we would be missing something.  But, honestly, it feels like the exact opposite, that we’ve gained even more sonically especially with adding all the new songs to our sets.”

Friedell also noted that the bands long awaited return to the Queen City is met with excitement by not just the fans but the band as well. “We’ve been playing Buffalo for quite a while so our relationship with the city runs deep.  Its starting to feel like a home base for us, especially since we’ve been rehearsing there a lot lately and Packy is now living there.  I’ve found the Buffalo crowd to be a little rowdier than other places we play which is fun.  Something about that goes along well with our upstate New York attitude and upbringing.”

Tickets for this Saturday’s show are available online through Ticketfly.  Buffalo based band Lazlo Hollyfeld will open.  Doors open at 8pm;Music starts at 9pm.